Singapore Raffles Junior College at Marymount MRT Station

A former junior college of Singapore Raffles Junior College (RJC), offers pre-university education to the students. This collage formed its basis in 1982 when it was recognized as a separate section from Raffles Institution as a pre-university education section. Later in the year 2009, it was merged again with the Raffles Institution as a college section.

Till today, both the educational institutions RJC and Raffles Institution have produced a number of premier scholars and public service officials. In Ivy league universities, Raffles junior college was known as a top-rated school for learning and educating students.

RJC Affiliation with RI and RGS Near Marymount MRT Station

In years 2005 and 2009, Raffle junior college collaborated integrated curricula offered by raffles. RJC has its collaboration with Raffles Institution for boys and Raffles girls school for girls. Students from Raffles Institution and RGS receive a secondary school education during their first 4 years of enrolment and then were sent to former RJC to get a pre-university education in a co-educational environment.

RJC Campus

In the year 2005, after receiving an independent status of being Singapore’s first pre-university educational institute RJC was placed together with Raffles Institution in new British campus. Currently, this campus has 11 blocks, 6 lecture rooms, an art hub for performances, indoor sports facility, a large swimming pool, and a library.

Programmes offered by RJC at Marymount

As RJC works in collaboration with RI and RGS, so it offers two programmes that best suits the education of the students.

Raffle Academy

The academy programme is a developmental programme that is shaped to fulfill the learning needs of talented students in a specific subject on which they have the strongest command. As explained earlier this programme can be learned after getting a basic secondary education of 4 years and afterward this programme spans 2 more years. So, in total if a student will have to spend 6 years to complete its pre-university education.

The 2-year academy programme deals with four different courses. Among all four the student can take maximum two courses. Courses include biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Mode of learning this programme is lectures followed by tutorials and include weekly assessments as well.

This academy programme is not compulsory. For this 2-years of pre-university education students needs to apply separately explain their SOP and portfolio. The admission follows a test and then selection of about 100 students is made in one session.

Raffle Humanities programme

This programme is very much like the raffles academy programme. This offer student different course set comprising mainly of art. The art is further divided into subcategories, economic, English literature, geography and language learning. The learning of this happens in different classrooms which are placed in a separate section of RJC building. Mode of learning is through lectures and classroom lessons. Moreover, this programme also includes weekly activities for students like workshops and guest speaker lectures.

RJC Achievements

· First pre-university education award
· 94 premier scholars
· Reputable position among Singaporean schools
· A top feeder college in ivy league university

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