Fourth Avenue Residences Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

A lot of chatter and excitement over the upcoming Fourth avenue residences located in Bukit Timah Road, along six avenue MRT station, District 10. Expected to cover a site area of 199,406sqft with a total floor area gross, of 358,932sqft, this project is expected to produce approximately 450 units. However, with so many people are scrambling for a piece of it one may wonder if it’s really worth investing in?

Fourth Avenue Residences Private Housing Area

Ideally one of the major concerns of an area when investing in Fourth Avenue Residences Condo is the security of an area. Needless to say however this will not be a concern as the Fourth Avenue residences is located in a Suburban area in Singapore. The Bukit Timah region boosts for having the highest number of private housing and several condos and seen as an area for the relatively wealthy. Security is enhanced further by the closeness it has with schools such as Law faculty of National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Singapore Bible College.

Fourth Avenue Residences Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Persons who invest in the housing project at the Fourth Avenue residences will have at their disposal the Bukit Timah Nature reserve. This picture perfect area is ideally just a high hill that was converted to a nature reserve for the preservation of wildlife. A part from the beautiful evergreen scenery, it offers exquisite activities for residents and tourists rock climbing and hiking, horseback riding. A few meters away from it is another attraction site in the form of the Botanic Gardens. It simply cannot get more beautiful than these as virtually thousands of plant species thrive in 3 gardens in a 74 hectares area that has been lauded and recorded as a UNESCO world heritage site. The development is by Allgreen Properties.

Fourth Avenue Residences Leasehold Development

The Fourth Avenue residence is offered under the leasehold type of property ownership in regards to the location of houses to be developed. This land was acquired under the rules and regulations of the government for a price of $553 million. The project under Fourth Avenue residences will be supervised through the Leo Property management Pte Limited a solely owned subsidiary.

When looking for a place to invest in in Singapore, there whole process can be daunting. Ideally you need someone who has a good track record. The housing at Fourth avenue residences is developed by the All Green Properties Limited in Singapore. Started in 1991 under the name Kuok group real estate, this group has a track record of producing high quality housing and is rated top in the number of project takes ups in the region. With up to 35 subsidiaries, up to 13 related companies. Spreading its wing and catering for real estate needs of the people of Singapore inclusive of residential, serviced apartments, retail, office space and hotels. With this group you can be assured of the quality of the housing developed at Fourth avenue residences.

The Hyde Condo Balmoral Road Woh Hup Group

The Hyde is a real estate project by Woh Hup group, located in the heart of Balmoral road it provides a prestigious location. Being at the core of the city center of district 10, it is close to Stevens MRT Station Interchange as well as Newton MRT Station Interchange, the Hyde can cater the need of the elites as well as provide a sophisticated environment to multiple cultures.

Everything you require is provided at the Hyde Condo, from a bachelor lifestyle to a fully domestic household. The Hyde provides facilities such as; a guard house, a clubhouse, a function room, an indoor gym, a tennis court, a50-meter swimming pool, sun deck, BBQ pits and of course a children’s playground. A serene lifestyle is guaranteed at the Hyde.

The Hyde Condo Balmoral Road Singapore

Being on the Newton and Steven road The Hyde is a short distance from the Orchard shopping district, which a major tourist attraction and shopping chain. It is Asia’s famous shopping location because of the various choices available in high-end fashion specialist stores and lifestyle outlets. Basically, it’s a shopaholic’s haven for people all around the world. There are other shopping centers located near the Hyde as well, like the Wheelock Place and the Singapore Botanical Gardens where plenty of outdoor amenities are available for residents to spend some quality time with their family.

Traveling from the Hyde is also made easy since it is located right next to Central Expressway (CTE) and there are buses available near Steven road and Balmoral road. Providing academics to your children isn’t a problem either, The Hyde is located near certain elite schools such as Raffles Girl Secondary School, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, and Saint Joseph Institution since these are reputable schools the parents won’t need to worry about their children commuting to schools.

The Hyde Condo at Orchard Road Near to Private Estate

The Hyde being located near orchard road which is at the core district 10, moreover it is the most demanded places in Singapore due to it being a popular, classy, and a private estate. Many other real estate competitors have tried to get their hands on the land spanning this area over the years. However, The Hyde, which previously was 11 Balmoral Road that consisting of 17 units of prime freehold residential condominium development, received many biddings due to its location and eventually it was awarded to Who Hup group.

Woh Hup Group Specialist Experience

The Woh Hup groups are one of the leading construction and civil engineering specialist with more than 91 years’ worth of experience. With 441 awards they are the leading group of Singapore’s iconic development. In 2017 they were the first to earn the award for commitment to quality in construction and engineering sector. Other remarkable projects of the Who Hup group include the Interlace which is a well-known residential complex.

Singapore Raffles Junior College at Marymount MRT Station

A former junior college of Singapore Raffles Junior College (RJC), offers pre-university education to the students. This collage formed its basis in 1982 when it was recognized as a separate section from Raffles Institution as a pre-university education section. Later in the year 2009, it was merged again with the Raffles Institution as a college section.

Till today, both the educational institutions RJC and Raffles Institution have produced a number of premier scholars and public service officials. In Ivy league universities, Raffles junior college was known as a top-rated school for learning and educating students.

RJC Affiliation with RI and RGS Near Marymount MRT Station

In years 2005 and 2009, Raffle junior college collaborated integrated curricula offered by raffles. RJC has its collaboration with Raffles Institution for boys and Raffles girls school for girls. Students from Raffles Institution and RGS receive a secondary school education during their first 4 years of enrolment and then were sent to former RJC to get a pre-university education in a co-educational environment.

RJC Campus

In the year 2005, after receiving an independent status of being Singapore’s first pre-university educational institute RJC was placed together with Raffles Institution in new British campus. Currently, this campus has 11 blocks, 6 lecture rooms, an art hub for performances, indoor sports facility, a large swimming pool, and a library.

Programmes offered by RJC at Marymount

As RJC works in collaboration with RI and RGS, so it offers two programmes that best suits the education of the students.

Raffle Academy

The academy programme is a developmental programme that is shaped to fulfill the learning needs of talented students in a specific subject on which they have the strongest command. As explained earlier this programme can be learned after getting a basic secondary education of 4 years and afterward this programme spans 2 more years. So, in total if a student will have to spend 6 years to complete its pre-university education.

The 2-year academy programme deals with four different courses. Among all four the student can take maximum two courses. Courses include biology, mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Mode of learning this programme is lectures followed by tutorials and include weekly assessments as well.

This academy programme is not compulsory. For this 2-years of pre-university education students needs to apply separately explain their SOP and portfolio. The admission follows a test and then selection of about 100 students is made in one session.

Raffle Humanities programme

This programme is very much like the raffles academy programme. This offer student different course set comprising mainly of art. The art is further divided into subcategories, economic, English literature, geography and language learning. The learning of this happens in different classrooms which are placed in a separate section of RJC building. Mode of learning is through lectures and classroom lessons. Moreover, this programme also includes weekly activities for students like workshops and guest speaker lectures.

RJC Achievements

· First pre-university education award
· 94 premier scholars
· Reputable position among Singaporean schools
· A top feeder college in ivy league university

Boulevard 88 Mix Development Freehold Condo in the City

Iconic Development with Boulevard 88 in Singapore. With the focus of the company taking a clear turn to transform the lives and give an equal opportunity to all across the world, Boulevard 88 has now enhance its development. The development of the company is one of the most promising ventures as the selected site is very strategic. The promise of the development has been assured by the fact the most of the development around Boulevard 88 Mix Development are already established. The shopping centers and other amenities that surround the new development speaks volumes of the potential and the value that it’s likely to gain.

Boulevard 88 Iconic Development in the City

The development under Boulevard 88 is all inclusive creating an enabling environment for all investors. All the products that are designed under the development are pocket friendly and can accommodate most of the budgets. The company is committed to designing your future desires residential requirement in the simplest way. Boulevard 88 is a mix development located in the city and there is a hotel and residential component located right in the heart of the city.

The area of operation of the company is diverse with the intension to give what the market needs most. Facilities include indoor gyms, swimming pool, playing ground, clubhouses and many other facilities that are very important for family entertainment.

Boulevard 88 Mix Development City Development Limited

The development done under the control of City Development Limited has attracted one of the top names when considering real estate. The company is committed to transforming the delivery of some of the best real estate and household facilities in Singapore.

The company has demonstrated a perfect growth and confidence on how they present most of the developments. The company has also developed a world brand as it has also ventured in creating some of the world icon buildings such include Twin Towers, coco Palms and New Future. The company has also gone beyond the boundaries of Singapore and has now taken development in countries like Japan, China, UK and Australia.

Boulevard 88 Freehold Condo Somerset MRT Station

The focus of the company is not limited to property development only as it also engages clients in different ways of wealth creation. The company has also embarked on management of funds and properties in partnership with different agencies.

The secrete behind the quick rise of the company profile is majorly on the location and accessibility. Choosing the place for your family as their home will ensure peace and comfort for all members of the family including kids. Taking the bold step to achieve your dream home with Boulevard 88 can be one of these life changing moments. Don’t wait and regret of the missed opportunity in such a promising investment, simply invest your money today and wait for value addition.

The Tre Ver Condo UVD Projects at Potong Pasir Avenue 1

When it comes to looking for a place where all sort of things that you actually dreamed about are gathered, then the new Tre Ver Project deserves an special mention. This fabulous developing real estate project is located at 110 Potong Pasir Avenue 1 Singapore 350110, and it is being developed by UVD (Projects), a joint venture of UOL Group and United Industrial Corporation, which assures the credibility and respectability that you are looking for.

The Tre Ver Condo UVD Projects at Potong Pasir Avenue 1

The Tre Ver is the 3rd collective sale to be successful after Shunfu Ville as well as Harbour View Gardens. It is estimated that each owner will receive an estimated of $1.9 million per unit with a market price of around $1.1 million for each unit.

Based on the allowed Gross Floor Area(gfa) for The Tre Ver Condo, there would be anywhere from 600 to 750 units. The estimated launching price would be around $1,450psf.

Being developed at Potong Pasir Avenue 1, there are a lot of transportation choices and important expressways as well. There is also a bus station interchange.

But what exactly this new development offers to potential purchasers? it has central location and there is a lot of good new infraestructure, including communal and commercial ammenities that will make your life easier and more comfortable, but that’s not everything, besides, you’ll find first class education centers (primary and escondary school) such as Saint Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC), Saint Andrew’s Secondary School and Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. Even more if you are interested in international education institutions,the Stamford American International School is also located just a few minutes away so you can get there very quickly.

The Tre Ver Condo United Industrial Corporation UIC

We know that possibly you are an investor concerned about the location of your next property, then we can tell you that the condo is ideally located at the city fringe, so if you have to get to the Central business district (e.g.) it is only 10 minutes driving away from there. It is also a short drive away to other places of interest such as DhobyGhaut as well as the Orchard shopping district.

The condo is surrounded by multiple food centers, restaurants and markets, e.g. oo-Seng Food Center, GeylangBahru, Upper-Boon Keng Road, Bendemeer Road, Sims Vista 49, Whampoa Drive among other places.

As it was already said above, The Tre Ver project is close to some great commercial shops, such as Market Square located next to Woodleigh MRT Station as well as The Poiz Centre. At those places you’ll find a wide range of commercial shops and retail outlets, having the chance to get the goods and things you want to get, even more, you don’t have to drive to get there, you can just walk and enjoy the sight and in a few minutes you’ll be there. Thinking on your personal safety, a police station is located in the nearby so you can feel safe anytime.

The Trever Condo Former Raintree Gardens Enbloc Condo

You can find houses with one, two, three, four or a five-bedroom available to buy. Green spots can be find anywhere, a peaceful and quiet atmosphere turns the place into a wonderful place which gives you the chance to get the best of nature but at the same time, being close to the city.

It is well known that there is a proliferation of new businesses across the whole country, and that the available land is getting lower, and this is the reason why developers have renewed their interest in areas around Business central district, so you don’t have to chose between either a green place or being close the modern city advantages,actually you can get both of those. Other remarkable thing is that condo’s units fulfill all standards of modernity, luxury and in general modern housing features (e.g. running water, electricty, gas, High speed internet connectivity, etc.)

Regarding floor plans, there are two options: The Tre Ver consist of 1, 2, 3 bedroom units available. Typically, there are 2 types of facing. PotongPasir Avenue 1 or Woodleigh Park facing. As a general guide, units 6th floor and above are able to get a unblock view. *The Tre Ve rBidadari Park Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require detailed information on the unit. A full copy of the floorplans is also available upon request. Please read our disclaimer for usage of The Tre Ver floor plans. More information can be found at location and project details of the development.

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The Jovell Tripartite Developers Condo at Flora Drive

The Jovell is a ninety nine years leasehold condo that is situated at the Upper Changi Road in District 21. It is the recent launch by a developer known as Hong Leong Holdings which is just a short distance from several amenities among them Singapore Expo, the upcoming Changi Jewel as well as the Tampines Mart. The anticipated date for completion of this development is rumored to be 2019 where the development is going to be available for booking henceforth. The Jovell Tripartite Developers Condo is situated at a private residential enclave right in Flora drive where it is positioned centrally giving you an easy access to consumer requirements.

The Jovell Condo Close to Changi Airport

This airport is a perfect facility which complies with the international standards. Skytrax which is a consultancy organization on airlines & airports has ranked Changi airport as the best in the world. The reason as to why the airport has been ranked that high is its terminals that are customized. For instance, Terminal 1 offers passengers a dining as well as a shopping experience. Terminal 2 is meant for entertainment purposes where you will get movie theaters & gardens. Terminal 3 is a terminal with a natural skylight which makes it eco-friendly. Terminal 4 concentrates on a modern appearance for this airport.

Transport from and to this airport is part of your experience. Due to this the airport’s website provides you with all you need to know about different companies which offer transport services from and to the airport. The website also has a map which helps you to keep track of any steps that you make.

The Jovell Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd

This team is one of the best service providers as far as real estate is concerned. The realtors comprehend customers’ needs & they are so much committed to make sure that you obtain the correct property. Among the things which have glued the developer on top of the game is its gradual expansion & improvement. The firm similarly has managed to retain distinct levels as far as customer service, sustainability & design are concerned. Hong Leong Holdings are always committed to make sure that one gets value for their cash at last.

The Jovell Flora Drive Hong Leong Condo

Flora Drive is close to elite schools like Temasek Junior College, Japanese Primary School as well as Temasek Polytechnic. The Jovell Tripartite Developers is similarly situated just a short driving distance from the Singapore Expo conventions & meetings are usually held there. The Jovell Flora Road is close to Singapore University as well as Dunman Secondary School. As per the recent government measures of promoting a property market which is sustainable, the prices of the central region close to Tampines Shopping Mall dropped together with the city fringe prices. The Condo prices are very affordable and this is the reason as to why so many purchasers are looking for these condos. The Jovell Hong Leong is therefore a worthy investment.

The way of living as you enjoy facilities such as Changi Jewel and airport is awaiting you at this condo. The Jovell which is under Hong Leong Holdings is a truly luxurious way of living.

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Twin Vew Condo at Private Residential Enclave West Coast Vale

A prime real estate opportunity and unbeatable living space, the Twin Vew condo by China Construction (South Pacific) Development Co is truly something special. The 99 years leasehold development is located at West Coast Vale. This is right near the Jurong Lake District, offering stunning natural views across Singapore.

The development is looking ready to boom with plenty of interest at the private residential enclave near to West Coast Vale. There were a total of 9 bidders for the site, with China Construction winning in the end. Twin Vew Condo is located in a private residential enclave. Part of District 05, it is just a few minutes from Jurong East. This accessible location makes it more desirable for people from all walks of life.

Twin Vew Condo West Coast Vale Private Residential Enclave

Twin Vew Private Residential Enclave has a living scene inspired by nature. This gives it a serene and private feel. The waterways and green spaces are good for the natural environment as well as for mental health and wellbeing. In today’s modern and busy society, Twin Vew Condo is making it easier to feel closer to nature. Residents living in this area will have a calm sense of serenity each time they come home. West Coast Vale remains as the truly private residential enclave

Close by is the Jem Shopping Mall. This is a popular shopping area for people living around Jurong East. It is a lifestyle mall with many integrated features. Even better, Twin Vew Condo is in close proximity to the Juron High Speed Railway Terminus.

Twin Vew China Construction Development Near to Jurong

All in all, there are many features that make Twin Vew Condo highly appealing. Some of these include:
– Access to high speed public transport
– State of the art and top quality health care facilities right nearby
– Primary schools, high schools, and universities not too far away
– Many shopping and entertainment centers
– Plenty of places to dine out at restaurants with family and friends
– Community centers and clubs for all inclusive feel
– Places of worship for religious practices nearby
– Private residential enclave
– Excellent surrounding views
– Movie theatres close by

China Construction is an established developer with a great reputation across Singapore. They have been involved in many residential and business developments, including the iconic Boulevard Vue and Double Bay Residences. Having a property by China Construction means you will have quality guaranteed and the highest value offered.

Twin Vew Jurong Central Business District Condo

You better act fast to make sure you secure your new dream home at Twin Vew Condo. With such great access to healthcare facilities, shopping centers, and educational places, this is the perfect place for anyone to live. It has a real connection of feeling close to everything you want and need.

Whether you are a business professional, living solo, or starting a family, Twin Vew Condo has it all. Living somewhere with the city cosmopolitan vibe but still feeling close to nature is hard to achieve in this fast paced society. At Twin Vew West Coast Vale, you can come home and relax everyday in the nature inspired serenity of the design of the enclave. Feel secure, at home, and at peace living at Twin Vew China Construction Development. There is no better time to make the lifestyle change for the better than now. Once you make the move here, you will never look back.

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