Painting Interior Homes

Have you ever thought of painting the interior of your home? Lots of people have their homes painted every year. It can be challenging and yet rewarding at the same time. If you need your home painted, then recommend that you hire a professional painter. However, if you choose not to hire one, then there are things that you need to know with regards to moving forward in painting your own home.

Do your research

It is really important that you do your research on painting the interior of your home. You can find several articles like this one here or you can find several You Tube videos like the one here. There are lots of different resources that can better help you be prepared for your painting job. It is also important to recognize that the library has some great resources as well.

Painting Preparation

When you first begin the process of painting your interior it is important to make sure you prep your home. Painting prep usually means setting up your home in order to protect it from the paint or preparing your walls so that it will receive the paint. It is important first to start off protecting your home from the paint. This means that you move furniture into another room or at least move into the middle of the room. It also means that you purchase blankets or plastic sheets that will cover your floor. You need to make sure that every part of your home is covered so that you do not have a huge mess. You also need to begin preparing the walls for paint. There are several things you can do to prepare to paint your home. First, you need to sand the areas that are peeling, fading or cracking. It is extremely important that you take the layer of paint off if it is already coming off. The paint will not attach to the wall if this procedure has not been done. It will thus make all of your hard work meaningless. To sand the areas you can use and electrical sander or a hand sander. It is also important in the prep work to make sure that you are filling any holes with puddy. The puddy will make it smooth and it will give the paint something to connect. The final aspect of preparation is to tape the areas that need to be taped like corners and ceilings and baseboards. You can use painters tape for this.

Painting the Interior

These days it is extremely important to have the right tools and the right paint. You can find the right tools at your local Lowes or Home Depot store. Finding a good paint brush is important as well as some good rollers. You can also look for edgers as well. They can help with the hard to get to places where your hands need to be steady. The other important aspect of painting is to find the right paint. You can someone from Home Depot to help you walk through paint colors as well as types and qualities of paints. For your paint, you will need paint trays either for your rollers or your brushes.

After you paint one coat on, it is important to let it dry for a day to see how it looks. If it looks good, then you can start cleaning up. If it looks like it needs another coat, then go ahead and reapply another coat of paint.

Clean up

The clean up process is really easy. It just means getting rid of the painters tape and the drop clothes. It also is the time that you begin to move your furniture back to where it needs to be.

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